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intradisk is our noiseless and dead reliable Business & Media Server which combines the preferences of a compact, fanless design with the almost endless number of applications. In addition intradisk is designed for permanent operation (24/7) and with his multifunctional interfaces (FastEthernet, USB, WLAN, Bluetooth, Infrared...) he is the ideal solution for an economic Server in the range of communication, File- and Backupsystems or multimedia applications in home and business areas.

The intradisk Server is completely preinstalled so you easily can integrate him to your personal environment via operating interface. You don't have to install any software or driver unit to your clients.

As the only mini server intradisk presents as an open platform which offers you an enormous variety of open source applications.

With the already integrated UPnP media server TwonkyVision and iTunes, intradisk interfaces with any UPnP enabled devices, relieving you of the need to run a noisy PC. Multimedia was never easier. And intradisk gives you all the flexibility you need to work with your music, pictures and video data.

As intradisk is not only manufacturer but also developer of his products we can offer you individual adjustments of the hard- and software.

Technical Overview

Technical Overview