CIBS - The ultimate Backup- and Storagesystem

Cascading Intradisks Backup System (CIBS) - the emergency management for your company data. CIBS offers you high redundant and locally shared backups of all types of data, also via internet. The base of this Backup- and Restore-System consist of minimal two preinstalled appliances and is any expandable.

The basic level of CIBS enables an 24h backup. A fully automatic mirroring of chagend data via LAN, WAN, WLAN or Powerline. In the second level the system additionally safes data beyond network limits via internet. So a multiple electrical isolated safty net is built up which stands burglary, short-circuit, lightning and disaster.

CIBS is optimated for minimal data transmission. So even over slow or wide area networks as you have it in a branch network you are able to synchronize huge data volumes. Before sending the data via network there are encoded with the secure RSA2 procedure.

The modular assembly of this backup solution offers you lots of advantages: this system cascades with its user requirements and rising data volumes. So several CIBS may run parallel and the backup cascade can be adapted to your security level as you want. At danger of a hardware breakdown for instance in shared enviroments or subsidiaries the system can be constructed completely redundant power supply included. As the systems doesn't have any mechanical parts except for the very shockresistant harddisk the risk of a hardware breakdown is minimal. Though its excellent for long term usage (24/7).

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