intradisk GreenKiosk, an intelligent, autonomic display as a fully integrated infotainment solution
intradisk GreenKiosk

intradisk GreenKiosk offers you an itelligent TFT operation terminal with an integrated intradisk hardware in a complete secure enclosure with optional sizes from 7"-23". The system is operated via touchscreen and offers the opportunity to display VGA, SVGA and XGA graphics to play real time videos and to navigate through your own menus. All inputs can also be made virtuell or by a cordless keyboard.

Compared with other kiosk solutions the intradisk GreenKiosk is convincing with its autonomic, fanless and therefore silent operating terminal with a minimal energy consuption of 40 Watt all-out-operation incl. TFT,CPU and storage. Supported by a realtime operating system called Symobi it suits perfectly for the following appliances:

  • intelligent information-, notice-, or advertisement displays for retail, hotels, exhibition or transportation (plane, bus, rail)
  • entertainment systems, digital jukeboxes
  • solar-cell powered ticket machines or infotainment systems in mobile devices or bus stops
  • operating terminals for industrial machines and facilities
  • cash machines
  • for aseptic and dust-free applications in hospitals and clean rooms or explosive environments
  • building control, digital doorplates, navigation systems
Technical Details:
    Operation Terminal:
  • TFT 7"-23"
  • Real Time Video
  • Touch, virtual or cordless Keyboard
    External Interface:
  • 2x 10/100, 1x 10/100/1000 Ethernet Auto-MDI/MDIX, 1x RS 232, 1x USB V.2.0 Master o. V.1.2 Slave, WLAN 54/108 MBit/s, 1x IrDA, 1x Bluetooth
    Internal Interface:
  • 2x ATA-7, 133 MHZ/UDMA, SATA, MiniPCI
  • XScale ARM9, 627 MHZ
    Power Consumption:
  • ca. 5 Watt (Standby), 40 Watt (all-out-operation) incl. FTF, CPU and Storage
  • up to 64 GB
  • VNC, RDP, X Server
    Operating System:
  • Symobi, Linux
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This solution is a Joint Venture of:
intradisk Miray Software AG