The smart Content Management and Internet-Server

The Appliance Server offers you the ideal platform for all types of data processing and data management. intradisk LAMP is qualified for a simple application range such as adress- and date definition up to an integrated embedded application development system with bugtracking documentation as well as version management and approval processes.

LAMP means a combined application of operating system (Linux) and software (Apache, MySQL, PHP/Pearl) to run a complete web server. The well known Wikipedia Software is an example for a user program which is typically applied in a LAMP environment. Through this dynamic it is possible to vary the content and write it back to the MySQL database. This is very profitable if you design and test your individual homepages or appliances and provide services for a local group via intranet or if you provide your own small Internet Server.

intradisk LAMP offers you all these functions preinstalled and easy to run on a portablen appliance. All applications are prepared in a linux environment so you don't have to pay any expensive license fee. The whole administration is easy to handle over a web interface.

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