A new dimension of HomeEntertainment - flexibel and independent

intradisk Home Multimedia offers you all the advantages of a modern entertainment system combined with a flexible and mobile use of all your music-/video data also your presentations.

With currently up to 2 TB storage the absolut soundless system has the most reliable archive for your most valuable data. You are not bounded to your recorder but you can stream your data flexible via network or WLAN and play them even physically independent. Based on timeshift recording you are able to record one broadcast while you watch it or just another one at the same time or time shifted.

All your music can be stored on the integrated hard disk or be recorded via internet. With the integrated Twonky mediaserver, itunes or firefly it is easy to play them with a media client either for example ipod/iphone, soundbridge, noxon, playstation or via network or WLAN.

intradisk supplies WLAN/Bluetooth so clients as itouch/iphone, handheld, palm etc. have a non-restrictive access to all media achives.

With this solution intradisk offers you a soundless, value and expandable multimedia platform which provides you it's whole achives thoughout network in all areas and independent from any players.

Personal adaptability and continuos updates guarantee a lot of fun with your intradisk.

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