AD/ACL/PXE PacketStation, Professional Software Distribution which let your Network breathe
AD und ACL

intradisk presents his new PacketStation which manages the distribution of software packages, updates, patches, bugfixes and service packs in firm- and branch networks very economic and efficient. For this reason the network load will be reduced to deblock privotal capabilities for a speedy data access.

This special optimized intradisk server assimilates soundless and unremarkable in the branch network for software distribution as a local Software-Distribution-Point. The centrally managed software updates (Install Desk, Novell ZEN Works, SMS2003, WSUS) are imported automatically via PXE (Prebboot-Execution-Environment) to the desktop PC before boot up, by download or in the background.

Automatic synchronization of the local directory shares and the complete integration in an active directory infrastructure up to 100.000 users and working groups therefore is possible.

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Your Plug & Play Branch- and Work Group Server
AD und ACL

As the first mini server the intradisk choice is extended by an active directory (AD) and access control list (ACL) capable business server. This mini server is designed for professional operation in branches and work groups of medium sized and large companies.

So in a branch a pc server is replaced by an intradisk mini business server which takes the access authorization of all different employees from a central server with the help of active directory (AD) and controls the admission to the local ressources. Therefore temporary admissions can be assigned or passwords can be changed from the workstation which will be updated automatically with the central server.

Active directory is supplemented by access control lists (ACL) that control the file and service access of the different employees. Though the access authorizations can be regulated from whole data systems down to separate files individual adjusted for users and groups like in a windows environment.

The advantages of the intradisk mini business servers are not only the low price but also the low power consuption, soundlessness, directly ready for use and best for long-term usage. In addition no license or service costs accrue.

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